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So, some of you might be aware that I've been unemployed (at least when it comes to full-time employment) for a while. Like, a LONG while. And I generally don't want to clog this space with complaints about interviews and stuff, because lots of people are dealing with that frustration. But a really annoying thing happened to me just before the holidays, and I really have nowhere else to put this but here.

So, I got a phone call the week after Thanksgiving, asking me to come interview for a seasonal position with a major retailer. I'd applied for this opening something like three weeks before, totally on a whim, because I don't have any retail experience, but I figured it would be something to do and I learn quickly. So, I schedule the interview, go in, deal with the interview and .... nothing. When I left that afternoon, the store manager (who, incidentally, was not the person who called to have me come in) indicated that decisions would be made quickly, and that she looked forward to having us (yep, that's right, it was a GROUP interview, or it was intended to be, at least) on the team.

I called to follow up two days later and was assured that a decision would be made by the end of the next day. Nada. Never heard from them again.

Now, I'll acknowledge that there were probably have been any number of reasons why they chose not to hire me, and this complaint really isn't about that. It's about the fact that despite making the effort to have me come in, not one.single.person could be bothered to let me know that they were opting not to hire me. Not even so much as a 30-second phone call. In the wake of all this, I've decided to boycott this specific location. In the long run, not having the benefit of my business probably isn't going to matter that much, but I have no qualms about communicating my reasoning to friends and family. And that's where this could get sticky. So, if you're in retail (or really, any customer service-based industry that's hiring) remember this: your candidate pool is also your customer base. Keep that in mind when you're considering blowing off someone who's taken time out of their day to express an interest in working for your company.
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